"The power to promote and reward, as also to demote and punish the individual and his fate in this world, lies within his mind, its thoughts and feelings. No external agency is necessary to bring this infallible fruition. As the growth and development of a seed, an embryo, or a cell designed and preserved by its own inner makeup, here too the causal forces for what one rightly deserves lurk within one’s own invisible bosom."

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Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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    Jai Gurudev! An appeal to the devotees and seekers who pose question for Poojya Swamiji to answer on...

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  • 13th Sreemad Bhaagavata Tattva Sameeksha Satram 2014-10-20 06:33:07

    The 13th Bhaagavata Tattva Sameeksha Satram will be held from Sunday, 21st December to Tuesday, 30 December 2014 in Naimishaaranyam, Paralikkad, in the sacred precincts of Tacchantthukavu Devi Temple. On the concluding day will be the 2nd Vishnu-sahasranaama Vishwa Yajna Mahotsava.

Morning Rays

Prabhaata Rashmih talks by Poojya Swamiji
  • PR 23 Mar 2013 - Spirituality – A Compulsive Pursuit to Enrich Your Inner Personality

    What is spirituality? The science and art of enriching, empowering, elevating, expanding, enlightening and fulfilling our mind and intelligence along with their needs. So, how can it be either unacceptable or disharmonious with anybody? The purpose of meditation or allied spiritual saadhana is to understand the mind more and more, make it better and better in terms of the qualities , make the intelligence to do its task of introspection and through introspection set right all the problems of the mind, find solutions for all. When the intelligence does introspection with a view to deal with the problems of the mind and resolve or dissolve them then it becomes a saadhana.

  • PR 22 Mar 2013 - Introspection is the Highest Level of Human Activity

    Many people are introspecting. All intelligent people are reflecting upon whatever they do. But here we have to reflect upon ourselves, our character, behavior and interaction. Question why am I miserable, how can I be happy, what is the source of joy, how can I live and move in this world without being troubled and tormented? So the subject can be introspected over. When you introspect you will find the intelligence explores, explores and, and brings forth newer and newer facts and phenomena. The entire Mahabharata was written by Vedavyasa by introspection. Ramayana was written by Valmiki by introspection. The entire Vedas were evolved by introspection. Introspection is the highest level of human activity. The lowest is the sensory one, physical. The next is the oral, articulation. The third is the inner, mental and fourth and the highest is introspection. I would like you to rate it properly and understand its potential, magnitude and possibility.

  • PR 20 Mar 2013 - You Are Never Disconnected from God

    The entire success of your life is in divinizing every moment of your life. The purpose of meditation, the purpose of reading, the purpose of sadhana is to have this sense of all fold divinity. Though I say it is all fold divinity and you are looking at the objects of the world through the senses, understand that divinization is not taking place in your eyes or even in your brain. It is taking place in your consciousness. The consciousness has been thinking about the other things. It must start thinking about itself.



Poojya Swamiji says that the real focus

  • of devotional practices is not God, but the devotee's own mind and behaviour;
  • of karmayoga is not action but the attitude of the mind with which an action is performed;
  • of knowledge is not knowledge, but the purification and expansion of the seeker's mind.

Swamiji's Teachings


Poojya Swamiji says that the real focus

  • of devotional practices is not God, but the devotee's own mind and behaviour;
  • of karmayoga is not action but the attitude of the mind with which an action is performed;
  • of knowledge is not knowledge, but the purification and expansion of the seeker's mind.


NSJi-HmPgSwami Nirviseshananda Tirtha

Swami Nirviseshananda Tirthaji, a renunciate disciple of Poojya Swamiji, is known for his scentific expositions which are a source of inspiration to seekers.  More...


Ma Gurupriya

A disciple of Poojya Swamiji, Ma is the loving mother of Poojya Swamiji's devotees arround the world. Devotion and service remain the predominant forces shaping Ma's life.  More...

  • Celibacy, A Sadly Misunderstood Virtue ... Part 1 of 5

    "Dharmo rakshathi, rakshitah" translated "Dharma protects, protected" What does this mean? Dharma is a force which greatly protects us, but if it has to act as a protecting force, we have to first protect it ourselves. We must recognize the importance of the role which Dharma plays in our life, and then install it at all levels, in thinking, in talking, in doing every thing that we do, we must see that Dharma reigns supreme. If this is ensured, then Dharma will in turn sustain us like the loving Mother. redeeming us from the dangers and ills which would otherwise harass our lives frequently.


  • Might and Magnificience of Mantra

    The devotees who have taken mantra-deeksha should reflect how Ratnakara and Dhruva got transformed. Each of you has what Dhruva and Ratnakara had- a body and senses, a mind, intelligence and heart. Can you not then achieve what Dhruva and Ratnakara could? The laws of the mind have not changed. The will and wish are equally effective even today. Where lies the difference then? In your perception, interest, assessment and resolve.


  • Mental Harmony, The Spiritual Attainment

    Neither matter nor energy has the power to think, reason or formulate ideas. Ideation can come only from an intelligent source. This source is the true spiritual content in us, whether you recognize it so or not. Mind, will and the other factors belong to this spiritual realm. In fact, they are the only experiential factors of the spirit. Naturally, the attainment, which we seek in the spiritual life, which is truly of a spiritual nature, must be one that bears upon the mind and intellect. It should be based upon, should be proceeding from, things like the mind and buddhi.


  • Varna versus Casteism

    Jaati and varna are two altogether different propositions. An individual may derive his birth from a certain parentage. But his guna-karma will not necessarily be the same as that of the mother or the father. Each has his own guna-constitution distinctly different from that of the others. This individual distinction is what is to be gone into. Sastras, with their enlightening statements, enable us to go into this abstruse complexity, thereby facilitating our pursuit and evolution.


Mind - Its Majesty and Magnificence
In this discourse Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha explores the limitless potential of the Human Mind, its m

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Sharangati - Surrender

Pursuit of Self Transformation   


Vicharasethu is a monthly journal in English and Hindi, edited and published by Poojya Swamiji. It is also published in Malayalam by the name Vicharasarani. With Articles, Correspondance, Guidance for Sādhana and News updates from the Ashram, these monthly publications are a great guide for the earnest sādhaka. 

Devotees hold periodic meetings at their own locations wherein the teachings and messages of Swamiji are heard, read and discussed with a view to comprehend and arrive at their essence and make it a functional note in their life. This section provides resources to facilitate the proceedings at such gatherings. More ....

How to chant Bhagavadgeeta

How to chant Viṣṇusahasranāma

  • 05 - Vani gunaanukathane - Divinize every moment

    Our constant effort in life should be to divinise every moment; to feel and see God everywhere and in everything. Then alone the life will be fulfilled and we will experience Supreme bliss. This shloka tells us how to go beyond the petty worldly thought which make us narrow and bound. Every sense organ should be united with God alone while doing their respective activities.


  • 06 - Prathamavayasi - The Great Virtue of Gratitude

    This shloka instils in us the great virtue of gratitude – that one should fondly remember any noble service done unto him by anybody anytime, feel grateful, and also do some noble service in return. Even the thought of such a virtue makes the mind soft and expanded.



  • 07 - Sampoornam - Everything reveals Brahman Alone

    To the one who has realized Brahman in all aspects, the whole world becomes the heavenly garden; all the objects the kalpavṛkṣās (the wishyielding trees); every water-flow the holy Ganges; all his actions, virtue and auspiciousness; the elevated as well as the foolish talks (words) the vedāntavākyās; the entire earth, Vārānasī. Every thought or awareness of his reveals to Him only Brahman.