"Unflinching devotion to the Teacher is paramount in the life of a true seeker. To begin with, an external God can be the object of faith. But once the devotee grows to be a seeker, only a Wise Teacher can fulfil his quest.  It is then for the seeker to get purified and enlightened by the words of wisdom from his Guru.  Their bond and attunement put the Teacher on the pedestal of God.  Such an impeccable Guru-sishya bond alone bestows wisdom, strength and fulfillment to the seeker."

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Morning Rays

Prabhaata Rashmih talks by Poojya Swamiji
  • PR 18 Jul 2013 - Devotion Rests Completely on You

    You go into the temple signs you will find, a stone made by a sculptor is transformed into divinity by a process of rituals and ceremonies administered by human beings. These rituals are our creation. Temple architecture is ours. The idol making is our own art and effort. Where is God coming in there at all, I ask? The purpose of my asking is to make all of you think as to what is the genesis of devotion and where and how does it grow and how does it attain fulfillment. I hold every one of you responsible to become a devotee or not to be so. If you become a devotee, understand and declare, ‘I am a devotee, I belong to God, nothing else I belong to. I belong to God. The entire world is God. My own jīva is God. I am surrounded by God. I am penetrated by God. God is blissful. God is the truth. God is consciousness - the knowledge. What God is I also am, I also am. There is nothing like God plus or God minus. God alone is.’ When you reach this level of understanding, God is no more an imagination, a speculation. God becomes a kind of a continuous presence which cannot be separated from or disassociated from you. To develop your devotion to this level is your task, your effort, your progress and your fulfillment.

  • PR 16 Jul 2013 - What is True Devotion

    Life if you analyze, is an interaction between senses and the objects of the world which definitely bring either sukha or duhkha. Sukha is acceptable, you like. Duhkha alone is unacceptable. Understand the nature of life and be tolerant and forbear both. Suppose you are able to forbear these two, the mind becomes free and liberated.

  • PR 28 Dec 2011 - Listening to scriptures like śrīmadbhāgavatam leads to vairagya

    You may not be dispassionate but you must have an abiding devotion to, interest in, listening to, reading also, the divine stories and the divine excellences. One given to reading, listening to these stories and excellences of God, virtually he is away from the world. Our mind is normally worldly and given to worldly listening, worldly talk, etc. But if your interest changes, and you are only interested in listening to and reading the divine accounts, actually the whole mind is getting replaced by that. In dispassion, attitudinally you are not in favour of the world. It is a qualitative change. Here, more than a qualitative change, it is a kind of engrossmental change. The mind constantly gets engrossed in listening to or reading texts like of Śrīmadbhāgavatam.



Poojya Swamiji says that the real focus

  • of devotional practices is not God, but the devotee's own mind and behaviour;
  • of karmayoga is not action but the attitude of the mind with which an action is performed;
  • of knowledge is not knowledge, but the purification and expansion of the seeker's mind.

Swamiji's Teachings


Poojya Swamiji says that the real focus

  • of devotional practices is not God, but the devotee's own mind and behaviour;
  • of karmayoga is not action but the attitude of the mind with which an action is performed;
  • of knowledge is not knowledge, but the purification and expansion of the seeker's mind.


NSJi-HmPgSwami Nirviseshananda Tirtha

Swami Nirviseshananda Tirthaji, a renunciate disciple of Poojya Swamiji, is known for his scentific expositions which are a source of inspiration to seekers.  Read More...


Ma Gurupriya

A disciple of Poojya Swamiji, Ma is the loving mother of Poojya Swamiji's devotees around the world. Devotion and service remain the predominant forces shaping Ma's life.  Read More...

  • Strengthening & Stabilizing the Wavering Mind

    Mind alone is the agent that makes or mars life. Its wealth is the real wealth. Its poverty is the real poverty. Make it rich every day and every hour. Mind’s laws are even more powerful, unfailing, than those of physics and chemistry. You will always be led to what you rightly deserve or need. Also, what you are led to, is and will be, what you rightly deserve or need. Have this either as a faith or as an understanding.


  • Profundity of Samatva

    The fear and reluctance of the mind will prevail only as long as the truth about living is not understood properly. For any one, life proceeds from interactions between the senses and the external objects. And once such interactions take place, their resultants produced in the mind, namely sukha-dukhas, cannot be avoided. All that anyone can get from his life from the world, in which he lives,...


  • Yajna - Individual and Universal Perspectives

    Mankind will remain prosperous, useful to the earth and the world, and will also fulfil themselves and others, only as long as they reflect and pursue the Yajna spirit and purpose. By employing his immensely potent mind and buddhi, man can, says Krishna, draw to himself practically any favour or help to redress his grievance or fulfil his rightful wishes. He has to be non-possessive in doing so, and greed and domination should be scrupulously avoided.


  • A Great Association - 10

    The Vision behind CIRD After independence, our country rightly chose the motto “Satyam-eva jayate” (Truth alone triumphs) from Muṇḍakopanishad. But it ignored the very first statement of the same Upanishad: “Brahmavidyā sarva-vidyā-pratishṭhā” - The science of supreme Reality is the foundation of all other sciences. The supreme Reality being our own true Identity, the one Self of all, the...



In this discourse Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha explores the limitless potential of the Human Mind, its majesty and magnificence.


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How to chant Bhagavadgeeta

How to chant Viṣṇusahasranāma

  • 19 - Naayam Jano Me - Mind - The Cause of Happiness and Misery

    The Wise and the Scriptures consider that the real cause of happiness and misery is our own mind, and no external situation or anything else. Because, whatever be the external situation, the joy and sorrow are creations of the mind itself, and our mind has enough potential to remain unaffected under any circumstance.


  • 20 - Lokesha Chaitanya - This Worldly Voyage For Your Pleasure Alone

    Right from the time when we wake up in the morning, our activities start. We brush our teeth, take bath, take some food, and get ready to go to the office, send children to school or simply get engaged in doing household duties. Throughout the day we face situations pleasant as well as unpleasant. We interact with many people. Some interactions we like, and some we dislike. Of the work that we do, some we do joyfully and some we do grumblingly. We never get any touch of divinity in these normal day-to-day happenings. We miss God.


  • 21 - Nityotsavo Bhavet - Continuous Festivity

    How to have continuous unbroken festivity so that the mind can be free of its misery forever? This śloka says, in order to have unbroken festivity in the mind, keep Lord Hari in your heart always, be in His constant remembrance. We do not have constant joy and festivity because we fill our mind with undesirable worldly matters which themselves are impermanent, changeful and unreal.