"Thought is the most potent and creative power in the world. It initially takes shape in an individual mind. When shared with others, any benevolent thought starts growing as a vibrant process encompassing more and more people. It is such collective benevolent thoughts that build up great cultural values and treasure in the society."

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Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


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In the Company of My Lord
In the Company of My Lord
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A rare, hearty narration of the spiritual life and saadhana of Ma Gurupriya. Ratnadeepa, a young girl from a loving close knit family, given to academic excellence, finds increasing purposelessness in life. Given to rational thinking, keen observation and analysis, her mind develops a yearning that the world of education, profession and marriage is not able to fulfill. The spiritual journey that ensues in Ratnadeepas search for the eternal Truth and wisdom, forms the underlying theme of the book.

Applying the same dedication to her spiritual quest that she had as a student and later as a teacher, Ratnadeepa ultimately attains fulfillment in the wholesome pursuit of the spiritual path. In her writing she shares this journey with rare feelingness and candour, revealing the various stages and trials her mind coursed through and transcended.

Spirituality permeates every minute detail of Ratnadeepas daily life. The supreme importance she gives to the Gurus words, growing and blossoming according to his guidance, culminate in her transformation from Ratnadeepa to the Universal Mother - Ma Gurupriya.

Extracts from the Book:


Walking on the path of spirituality, when a seeker faces a closed gate and knows not how to open it and walk further, who else than his Guru is there to open the gate for him and help him cross the barrier? I too was led to the next phase of my spiritual journey by my Guru’s grace. He gave me the awareness that a great harmony lies beneath all the opposites in the world and taught me the art of moderation. While these two lessons were unfolding their deeper truths and subtleties in my mind, the obsession regarding motherhood and its denial gradually faded away. In its place, my Lord now started feeding me with a sweet vaatsalya-rasa (nectar of parental fondness). The vaatsalya-rasaemerged as my Lord was taking seat in my mind in the form of the ‘little’ but ‘great’ Lord of Vrindavan.


* * *


This pilgrimage to flexibility, moderation and acceptance, brought in me a new kind of lightness, cheerfulness and optimism, a new kind of detached enthusiasm in all my activities and interactions.


* * *

Love can be of two kinds: one that binds and makes us constricted; and the other – selfless, non-expectant and pure – that makes us expand, enabling us to embrace everybody as our own. My Lord revealed to me that the ordinary love, when turned towards Him, transforms itself into the greater one, making us grow and expand, finally merging into the Lord’s eternal vastness.


                                                                     * * *

I have found that keeping a diary has great benefits for a spiritual seeker. Not only the writings provide a vivid picture of the seeker's growth, the very effort to express one's mind openly constitutes an effective saadhanaa in itself. … To be open before oneself is to be open before God.


* * *

Later, when I started sitting near my Posha at the small pooja-shrine in our living room (I was then teaching in Calcutta), I remembered the sublimity, purity and inspiration which I used to feel during Durga-pooja days. My heart now wanted to worship Him with mantras and stutis (praises) and generate similar feelings and devotional atmosphere. I knew no mantras or rituals; but the mind, eager to express its devotion and surrender at His feet, became interested to know what worship verily meant. Not that I wanted to know the details of all the rituals; I craved only to taste the devotion beneath all acts of worship, to experience the emotion that had shaped the elaborate rituals capable of generating such overpowering divinity and sublimity.



As we gradually withdrew from the usual social involvements – the occasional visits, marriage or other functions, many were full of wonder, some were hurt too at the beginning. But, slowly everybody understood our purpose and they honoured it. Perhaps the gradual natural growth of the pursuit and the simultaneous dawning of an all-embracing love made it easy, causing least strain or disharmony around.

It was not easy to refuse the hearty invitations of the loved ones, but the withdrawal generated in the mind a new kind of love for everybody – pure, selfless, intense but detached. Externally, it was the falling of social ties and involvements; but internally, it was the growth of a new bond with everybody around – an expansion of the mind with a deep spontaneous prayer for the welfare of all.




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Year of Publication 2012
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