“The paths leading man to god or Truth are said to be many. I will speak only of the shortest. It is to recognize God as the Self in you and then to find Him out. What is the distance then between you and God, between you and yourself? Ah, there is no distance at all, a full Zero! Yet, how dare you say to find God and Truth is hard?’’ 

The Guiding force of Narayanashrama Tapovanam & Center for Inner Resources Development

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha




Poojya Swamiji during the Krishna-Janma co-memoration as a part of

Sreemad Bhaagavata Tattva Sameeksha Satram


The words ‘Supreme Reality’ may give you the idea of something very grand and magnificent. But the effect of Self-realization could very well be something strikingly opposite. Instead of becoming externally grand, great and glorious – by the normal meanings of the words – a realized Soul, a Knower, will actually become humble, contented and fulfilled! The effect or impact of this kind of internal fullness is the cessation of all kinds of flair and fascinations. You become quiet, you become withdrawn, and you become contented. You will be filled with love, compassion, sympathy and concern for others. Feeling of expansion will replace the earlier self-centered attitude. All the object-based pursuits vanish and the subject-based life takes over.


- Swamiji