Knowledge Dissemination


In Swamiji's words 'the success of education and educational thinking is in fulfilling the great task of national integration'

There is widespread misunderstanding that spiritual pursuit is meant only for the old and the recluse. The vast treasure-trove of inner resources that can be harnessed by any one to achieve excellence in any walk of life, remains unnoticed due to sheer ignorance. Did not Krishna invoke the Upanishadic wisdom in the war field of Kurukshetra to enable Arjuna fight the righteous war successfully? Far from taking man away from the world, the pursuit of the "Subject Wisdom" makes him adept in whatever field he is involved.

Sannyaasa is wrongly regarded as a mystic wandering life. In truth, Sannyaasa stands for exclusive dedication  to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge. Sannyaasins in our land were like moving universities - disseminating spiritual and value education throughout the country. They did it out of their urge to work for the welfare of the world. The mightiest educative literature like Ramayana and Mahabharata, which forged the cultural backbone of the entire country, came from Sannyaasins and Ascetics.

Swamiji felt that the abode of a Sannyaasin - an Ashram - must verily be a centre of learning. Its mission should be to expose people to their own Subject dimension and its unlimited potential. That would promote better understanding of the science of life and ensure for the society long-term prosperity and advancement. This would set right the alarming aberration caused by the inadequate modern education system and over-indulgent materialism. 

The following are the various Knowledge Dissemination activities: