Ashram activities, being located in a rural set-up, under the direction of Poojya Swamiji, naturally added on the twin dimensions of Societal Welfare and Societal Reforms amongst to Swamiji’s multifaceted Loka-sangraha mission making a significant contribution to the cultural and economic welfare of the villages around. 

Amongst the Welfare programs notable are the

Monthly and Annual Anna Vastra Daana Satra wherein Rice and Clothing are offered to poor families.  A benevolent event, when sponsored by many people, with the aim of benefiting the society at large, verily becomes a Satra. The Anna-vastra Daana Satram is not just to help the recipients materially. The daana awareness instilled in countless men and women spread all over the world, strengthens and enriches the society with lasting rewards. It was with this aim in mind that the Anna-vastra Daana Satram was started in 1985.  More ...




Classes for Children. About 150 village children attend these weekly classes on "cultural heritage". These classes have virtually transformed the cultural climate of the village.  
Poor school children are given school uniform, exercise books, school bags, etc. every year. Some meritorious students are supported for higher studies.


The Ashram plays a distinct role in making sanitary facilities and bathrooms, constructing wells, bore-wells and houses for the poor.  


Support is given for medical treatment and education to indigent persons and special help is given to indigent women to generate self-employment  

The other significant aspect of Swamiji's Loka-sangraha is the religio-cultural revolution brought about in Kerala by organizing mass-movements to stop some of the age-old derogatory and superstitious practices prevailing in the name of religious rituals and festivals.

Besides freeing some famous temples from barbarous or vulgar indulgences, and removing from some others the unfair caste discrimination, these movements have wrought a revolutionary change in the attitude of people by cultivating a rational view - supported fully by the scriptures - towards the socio-religious practices.

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