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25th April 2004 

Animal Slaughter in Hindu Temples: Clearly outlawed
animal slaughter in Hindu Temples perpetrated again today

It is very disheartening to hear that animals were butchered in the name of religious devotion at the Atthippotta Mangotu Bhagavati Temple on 25th April 2004 to mark the annual Temple Festival (Vela). An otherwise saatvic, auspicious, immaculate occasion to shower rare felicity on all, has thus passed off with sinful blood-stains, bringing defamation both for the Hindu Society and its Custodians, the Govt.

Reportedly the authorities of both the Bhagavati Temple, Vela and Desha Committee Heads as well as the Pujari Gangadharan Mannadiar have confirmed (vide Malayala Manorama, Palakkad Edition of 25th April 2004, page 3) that the slaughter is in vogue.

Unlike in many other states, Kerala’s legislation against animal sacrifice in Temples dates back to over 50 years.

For upholding Hindu Dharma and strengthening the Society, one can look only to the Government. Our Temples come under the Devaswam Mininiser and the Govt. controlled Devasvam Boards. Various enactments incorporating timely elements in Hindu Dharma Practices are effected by legislation, Central and State.

For instance:     Hindu Succession Act, Abolition of Child Marriage, Permission of Widow Marriage, Legalizing abortion, otherwise a great sin for Hindus, Abolition of Animal Slaughter in Temples, Abolition of Sati and Sati Commemoration Acts.

Hindu Society has accepted all these from time to time, confirming their trust on Government and its legislations. The legacy has come from the time of Kings, who were, to the Hindus, the heads of Dharma. Poojya Swamiji said,

"To butcher an innocent animal in front of the all-merciful God or Goddess and style it as devotion, hoodwinking the gullible minds and terrorizing those who resist or dissuade the move is too derogatory."

Poojya Swamiji added, "we want Hindus to preserve their Dharmic Status and Prestige by dispensing with this kind of religious and devotional indulgences, which are verily punishable crimes. Shrimad Bhagavatam, the most authoritative Scripture on Devotion clearly tells:"

'The Lord is pleased by pure devotion. All the rest is but ostentation!'


"Seeing God in every being, pleasing Him by giving each what it likes most, is another Srimad Bhagavatam dictum."

"Instead of feeding the animals with their choice food, if at all, to cut their neck wickedly in the name of devotion is something that no rational or dharmic human can tolerate, digest or harmonize with."
The next mass slaughter is slated for next Sunday (2nd May 2004).
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