"Let not world-objects be your mind’s master. Let them be, if at all, subservient to the mind. To be spiritual is not to look for one’s delight and fulfillment in the objects of the world. The mind that causes delight through any object can also provide delight without such an object. Delight in reality belongs to the mind alone. It is verily mind’s own gift."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

I am very happy that some of you, may be different each year, have been arriving at this period of the year here from Malaysia, primarily with a view to intensify your sadhana and have the benefit of a closer and an exclusive satsang. I don’t know whether you have been able to evaluate it properly.

Our human life is very transitory like any other life. At the same time it has got the potential and also possibility to achieve the greatest - what is that - we call it liberation, which results only from knowledge of the truth. The capacity to articulate our feelings, the ability to think reasonably and cogently, trying to understand what is not visible to the sensory organs; these are the special blessings and gifts of human life.

Nature has gifted us five senses which can probe into everything outside our body. But when it comes to a question of seeing inside, I don’t think any sensory organ will be helpful. But because of our skull, intelligence and brain, we can probe into what is, wherever. It is a question of observing through the senses and developing a process of reason, logic, as a result of which you infer what is beyond the senses. This capacity has to be utilized to understand the soul, God, as a result of which you will have liberation, which means incessant and unbroken bliss. Actually the path is very simple and easy. If you are believers in God, start loving Him, be fond of Him. As much fond of you are, so much freer also you will be, you have to be. Initially you start regarding God or maybe fearing God, respecting Him. You try to make a formal expression of your respect, fear and regard, but very soon you should climb the steps and you should reach a stage where you remember God fondly and keep Him in your heart. Talk to Him very freely as you will to an intimate friend. There should not be the least curtain between you and God. Talk to Him anything that you like. Get angry with Him, accuse Him, blame Him, be jealous of Him, complain to Him, call Him to question, express whatever feelings you have towards Him.

In Srimad Bhagavatam there is something called Bhramara Geeta, where the Gopikas were insinuatingly speaking to Krishna, looking at the bhramara. All complaints, complaints and complaints! And the irregularity and unacceptability of Krishna’s behavior, having gone away from Brindavan, after having generated a lot of fondness in them, keeping away. “You are an untrustworthy person. You always shift from one set of people to the other. You are too much attracted by the damsels of Mathura and we have become useless to you. You are not at all reliable!”

Now, you see this Bhramara Geeta itself is one where a lover or a beloved starts expressing the feelings in the heart in an unreserved manner. Our God is available for all this. Rather than worshipping Him, regarding Him, respecting Him, and keeping him at a great pedestal, be close to Him and bring Him closer, and start speaking to Him any time, anything, anywhere, in any manner you like. Srimad Bhagavatam will put it in this manner –

yena kena prakāreṇa matiḥ kṛṣṇe niyojayet – By whatever means it may be, your mind should be riveted to, employed in God. This is what you want.

I think you don’t have to be pure. It is enough if you feel lovingly and earnestly that I should become pure. “The impurity, if at all, has come to me from your world, my dear God. I was not born here because I wanted. I somehow find I have been born. I did not select my parents or lineage. I am a product of the lineage. So, I am in a place which is not my choice. I am with a body and a personality which is not my choice. So, you have put me into these choiceless things. And if you say I have impurity, the impurity has come to me from your world and through your mind. Neither the mind which absorbs impurity or displays it, nor the world from which, interacting with which it imbibes impurity, you cannot hold me responsible for this. I agree that I am impure, but I also agree that you are infinite and omnipotent. So, you can remove my impurity and make me pure. So, it doesn’t matter whether I am impure or not. May be my seeking is not intense but I would like you to make it intense. So, whatever defects I have, remove them, and make me fit and you cannot fail in your mission.” Now, this is the type of intimacy that you should feel with God. Even if you are not able to say “make me pure, my dear God, remove my impurity”, I don’t mind, go one step further backward. “I am not able to say that you should make me pure and absorb me, but I want to say that. Why is this delay? Why is this unwillingness? Why is this reluctance? Take away this reluctance. Take away this reluctance. If you can create a world and preserve it, can you not bring about this change in me? I don’t have supreme love for you, but I would like to have. Even the feeling that I would like to have is not there. So I would like have a feeling that I would like you to improve me.” Put any extent of negative backward and backward, but you should still say and cling to God.

My dear children, where is the trouble here? I am not asking you to stand on your head, go to the Himalayas, nothing like that. But this consistency is important. So, those who have been coming here consistently understand that it is not a plane journey, it is not a car journey, but it is actually a spiritual austere, austere voyage for you. It is far, far greater and more effective than going to a temple. You have to spend the time, you have to spend the money. You have to make an effort. Getting yourself away from home and remaining here in the ashram exclusively, I think you are very, very blessed. Do not think of any attainment. This itself is an attainment. And I am very happy that all this has been going on for years. It was P. who mentioned to me, “So many people are going to India for so many purposes; why not Swamiji’s devotees also come here?” There will be some to come and then it started many years back. And I am really surprised and also satisfied that a nucleus was there every year to be coming here. I would like you to continue this voyage, continue this austerity. And may be, I would like to add, that every time you come it should be a promotion - it should be a greater expansion. It should be a greater degree of refinement and understanding. Every one of you should become a torch bearer. You are already doing well. Understand that the SIRD is a centre – I was telling U., there seems to be a feeling, everybody feels, “Centre is there, centre is there, we are inviting Swamiji and the others. They come here and conduct programs.” It is ok, but I am wondering whether in the process you feel it is your centre and not your Swamiji’s centre. This is a remark made by someone.

So, understand that “I do everything my dear God but I do it as yours, as yours.” God gives you all freedom to do anything, to marry, to have children, to construct house, to set up institutions, to have discoveries, to have inventions. But, he wants you to remember that you do it with the facilities and equipments which He has designed and given to you and you yourself are His.

It is not that we are inviting Swamiji but Swamiji is coming to his own Centre and the others also are coming to their centre. So, at no point of time, either a delusion or an ego should be there. “I am God’s, and being God’s I do everything in this world.” What is the harm in thinking so? When you think that “I am God’s”, you get Godly potential. The huge rock becomes a bundle of cotton. Consistency has got great effect. I would like to explain it in two ways. One is with a 250 hammer, I give you. You start beating, beating, beating, hitting a huge rock - at the same place you go on hitting, hitting, hitting, and after some time you will find that it powders, and if you continue the process, the whole rock will be powdered. Why? Because of the consistency of the process. There are ants crawling on rock. If they keep to the same route, you will find, after some time there will be a dent. This is the effect of consistency.

I have given some of you initiation. As a mark of initiation, I would have asked you to keep a few letters in your heart in the form of a mantra. I am yet to find people who take to this initiation with wholeheartedness. I say you go and sit on a huge rock, continue to do your sadhana the way I have said. What is this sadhana? Revolving in your mind the weddedness you have to the sadhana, to the deeksha, to the guru and to the process. It is a question of living in your own mind. You will find the rocky land becomes a beautiful, heavenly garden, after some time. So much is the effect of austerity. This austerity is much better when it is mental, when it is intelligential. Physical austerity is an arduous journey. Oral austerity is still better. But the really effective one is the mento-intelligential austerity, done by the mind and intelligence.

In my talking to you, you will find it is a mind sadhana that I am advocating - Devotion, fondness for God. But the sadhana itself is worked by virtue of the intelligence and its introspection. When the intelligence and the mind combine themselves beautifully, you cannot understand how effective it can be, how lofty, how superb can be the effect. It doesn’t interfere with any of your routines. It only enriches them, empowers them, graces them, makes them more and more golden. Understand what is sadhana, what it is to be a sadhaka, and what is the saadhya - the to-be attained before you. I am very happy. I embrace all of you mentally, wish you well, have health, have peace, have wellbeing and do not, do not fail or fall from your sadhana.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.


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