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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

Whatever I spoke yesterday, at least some of you told me that they were not nodding their head. That is when the simple truth is mentioned, I think you are grave enough, therefore you don’t understand. Is the humanhood in you, acquired by you or something you find already there with you? I don’t think we have acquired our humanhood. Somehow we were born of human parents. Therefore we have our humanhood. This humanhood consists of an external heredity. What is that? The biological, physical heredity, the body that you have. And as you have the body, it has its limbs. None of them is ever wanted by you or procured or cultivated by you. In the same manner you will find, inwardly, you have some tendencies. These tendencies are primarily inherited at the time of birth.

Secondly, in the background of whatever you have inherited and also acquired till you became an adult, in that background alone the further acquisition is coloured and shaped. So, is there not an inbuilt condition? Think about it properly. Just like we have a physical heredity which we have not acquired, we also have an inner heredity in the background of which, using our freedom we gain whatever we want. There are some students who like mathematics. Others say “It is a difficult subject for me, but biology is ok.” Why are they saying so? Because they have a frame of mind, either which likes mathematics or which does not like. In this way, all our tendencies are self generated. All that you do from time to time is express these tendencies. Now I am speaking. Have I acquired the tone or the character of my voice? No. Have I acquired the brain which thinks behind it? No. Then what am I doing? Just like with the existing legs that I am walking, with the existing inner faculties I express. This does not mean that you will not grow and you will not grow to tremendous heights. That again is that individual inbuilt factor.

So many people go on a pilgrimage. Sri Rama also went on a pilgrimage at the end of his archery tuition and learning. When Rama went around, he found an altogether different sight which depressed him so much, that he sat absolutely indifferent. Vasistha had to call him, ask him what happened. He started narrating. So many princes were there in Ayodhya in the Ikshvaku dynasty, but it was only one Rama who found the world very difficult to deal with. Vasistha started advising him. 18 days this advice went on because Rama must have persisted. Do you mean to say Rama did it voluntarily? Certainly not. So many people have got a Rama-like mind. They also sometimes undertake pilgrimage. There was nothing like a dejection which called for a treatment from a sage.

So, I think if you observe your life, you are only employing whatever you have. And even in the manner in which you employ, there is always an inbuilt nature. If you start thinking in this manner, I make a proposition there is nothing called achievement in this world. Everything is an unfoldment. When you allow the unfolding process by becoming more and more of a zero, then you will find, without any let or hindrance, your mind and its tendencies will express themselves. The intelligence with its character and quality will also contribute and guide in its own manner. And there will be a very smooth flow like the flow of Ganges or Brahmaputra. It is alright to say that “I took a lot of trouble, I did this … I did this … I learned … I learned … I struggled.” I have found two kinds of people. Some people say, “Swamiji, I don’t deserve what I have. God has given me a lot. I don’t think I deserve it and I have striven for it.” There are others who will come up and say, “Oh no! It was not easy at all. I did this … I did that. I appeared for an interview. The management did not call me but I pushed myself. I did this … I did that.” Achchha, who made you do that? It is your tendency. Now, you have to improve your tendencies. The best improvement comes when you become a zero. See, when you are not strong with any predilections, then what will happen? The wrong tendencies will dwindle and fall, and the right tendencies will come. When you open your eyes, do you want to see a small area or the tendency of this eye is to see big wide and broad? When the mind is constricted, it does not express itself to its full potential. When the mind is unconstricted then you will find there is a beautiful flow of ideas. This is what all our sastras say.

प्रकृत्यैव च कर्माणि क्रियमाणानि सर्वशः । (भगवद्गीता 13.30)
नहि कश्चित् क्षणमपि जातु तिष्ठत्यकर्मकृत् ।
कार्यते ह्यवशः‌ कर्म सर्वः‌ प्रकृतिजैर्गुणैः । (भगवद्गीता 3.5)

अहंकारविमूढात्मा कर्ताहमिति मन्यते । (भगवद्गीता 3.27)

Everywhere it is prakriti's gunas that compel us, persuade us, exhort us to act. The man deluded by ego and egoism, he alone says “I am doing, I have done.” Are you doing? What? We have a sensory plane where they work with their potentials. You have a mental plane, an oral plane, your tongue, vocal system they express themselves. Your mind thinks. That is also an expression. Your intelligence also expresses itself. All these are expressing with the capacities and characters they have. Where is the question of your doing anything?

If you have gone to the schools, schools were there. Parents wanted you to go to, and your system did not resent and revolt. So you went. The teachers taught well. When you go to the school, what will you do? You will learn. So, you have learned. Suppose schools were not there and your parents did not send you there, would you have been educated? Certainly not. Making a school is not within the capacity of a family. Even now we are trying to improve our educational standards. Why? Because some people think so.

We suffer from corruption and the majority of people elected a government, and the parliamentarians think that corruption should not be removed. It should continue. What shall we do? We cannot do anything about it, except by a total revolution. That is not going to be easy because the elected people say that we have got the majority. We are duly elected. It is the parliament’s wish. None of you can wag your tail. That is what they say. They feel that the numerical majority gives them the right and the prerogative to determine the quality of the administration. Even when the administration is corrupt, corruption is the quality and we are going to continue to permit it. How do they say so? Because their minds are like that. Their intelligence is like that. They have their own ways. There also it is the tendencies, the nature that asserts itself.

So, when you become a zero, inwardly you will find, no specific likes and dislikes, preference and prejudice, automatically the unfoldment will take place. You will understand that beneath the mind, beneath the intelligence, beneath the ego, I have got a tremendous expanse. I have got a brilliance that is never going to be eclipsed. If you are going to be conscious of that self plane, can you imagine you are now working with a myopic mind, then you will find “Oh, so much I am backed by my self with infinite expanse”. So, the same myopic mind, the narrow mind will become broad, broader, and broader to the extent of being universal. The constricted man, the non-zero man will say “I am a member of my family, that is all”. And the other man will say “I am a citizen of the country. No, I am a citizen of the universe. As is earth a planet in the universe, I am a denizen of the earth who belongs to the whole universe. Earth and I have the same heredity. Earth is born of nature. I am equally born of nature. Our parents are the same. This is the effect of being zero. Allow all the faculties to express themselves. Even then some will be intelligent and others may not be so sharp. The individual parameters will continue. But there is a lot of scope for improvement in the sphere of the mind, intelligence, and ego. Our freedom is only there.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.