"It is not what you do that matters, but how you do it – with what attitude and aim. The spiritual effect that a seemingly spiritual activity brings, can also be had by the domestic pursuit, provided you preserve a spiritual attitude and dedication."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

Today I thought of mentioning only one point for all of you to take seriously and introspect over. I wish to tell all of you that this spiritual life is a very very nourishing, comfortable and pleasant life. Normally people say spiritual life is hard. As long as you feel it is hard, you are nowhere near spirituality.

भारोऽनात्मविदो वपुः ॥
bhāro anātma-vido vapuḥ ॥
(Yogavasishtha Ramayanam 1.14.13)

This body is a load who does not understand the self. So by understanding the self, the body becomes light. Tell me whether spirituality is good or bad, easy or hard. To know that it is easy and sweet maybe rare. I will quote one or two verses from Bhagavad Gita.

सक्ताः कर्मण्यविद्वांसो यथा कुर्वन्ति भारत ।
कुर्याद्विद्वांस्तथासक्तश्चिकीर्षुर्लोकसङ्ग्रहम् ।।
saktāḥ karmaṇy-avidvāṁso yathā kurvanti bhārata |
kuryād-vidvāṁs-tathāsaktaś-cikīrṣur-loka-saṅgraham ||
(Bhagavad Gita 3.25)

In which manner the ignorant people with a lot of delusional clinging do their work, activities, (mark my words) in the same manner, the man of enlightenment should also do. Where is it written that the enlightened man should not pursue activities? He should also pursue his activities exactly in the same manner in which deluded people will do!

So in the pursuit of activities, there is no difference between the two, this is what you want, but the difference is cikīrṣuḥ loka-saṅgraham. The enlightened man will do everything for the benefit of the world. The delusional man will do everything for his own benefit and his family’s benefits. So it is a question of expanding your vision, to think that an individual’s activity is only a share and contribution to the universal pool. Will you not like to get into college from high school, will you not like to take a post-graduate education from the lower level, will you not like to take up research, will you not like to be promoted from one position to the other, will not people like to have children after marriage? In the same manner, will you not like to have expansion for your mind?

So spirituality gives you the expansion and with an expanded mind, you do all that you do. Is it not something very great, prestigious and highly relishable? I can only say people are cursed, they are not fortunate to understand spirituality and take it up.

तस्मादसक्तः सततं कार्यं कर्म समाचर ।
असक्तो ह्याचरन्कर्म परमाप्नोति पूरुषः ।।
tasmād-asaktaḥ satataṁ kāryaṁ karma samācara |
asakto hy-ācaran-karma param-āpnoti pūruṣaḥ ||
(Bhagavad Gita 3.19)

He says all the work you are doing, continue to do but dropping the clinging. Karma, activity, you are performing in any way and the activity will produce its result, so there is no problem. But in addition to the objective results you get for your activities, there is an enormous subjective, personal, inner gain. Spirituality ensures that. It is not at the cost of your activity but it is in addition to your activity. So you generally have the objective results of your activities and along with them you also have a subjective, personal, enormous gain. Is it not something very good and beautiful? Where is it that you are dislodged from whatever you are doing?

So I have found spirituality to be very pleasant, very comfortable, very rewarding. It expands your mind, it increases the perceptive ability of the intelligence, it sublimates your ego and on the whole, you become a far better and higher personality. Activities of a much greater magnitude, scope and potential proceed from you. Is there anybody who will not like to become spiritual if this is going to be the reward? I think this is something that you should think about.

If you feel that “I am yet not able to think of spirituality as an easy and comfortable proposition”, it only goes to prove that you have not understood. So try to understand it in its own manner and the problem will be solved.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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