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Flowers_for_Vishnu_Sahasranaama_YajnaHowever prosperous and alluring worldly life is, none on this earth will be able to escape the three-fold misery, the taapa-traya, as Sreemad Bhaagavatam puts it. The only way to redress taapa-traya is to gain right knowledge of the Supreme Truth. Sreemad Bhaagavata, says the author right in the beginning, has the sole aim of enlightening the reader about the Ultimate Truth of oneness, which alone holds the key for relieving all human afflictions.

True to this statement, the Tattva Sameeksha Satram aims at making devotion as well as Sreemad Bhaagavatam, the warp and woof of daily life of the people, whatever be their profession and pursuit. All the different aspects of the Satram have been designed to facilitate this process. The various lectures are strung together for bringing to focus the values and principles contained in Vyasadeva’s message.

It is an inestimable fortune, when so many tapaswins, devotional scholars and philosophical thinkers come to the same platform and delineate the values and truths propounded in Srimad Bhaagavata. It is, therefore, earnestly wished that the young as well as the old should unfailingly be present in the Satrashaala, listen to the exposition and acquire enough punya, and be greatly enriched and blessed.

The Tattva Sameeksha Satram aims at instilling the profound thoughts and values the author has revealed throughout the narration. The verses bestow wisdom, expanse and inner strength, kindling Divinity, Bliss and Immortality at every stage.

The objective of this Jnaana Satram is to impart the Knowledge of the Supreme Truth, which alone offers redress for the stress, tension and conflict the human mind and intellect contract in the hands of the world. The power of character, behaviour and interactional values, which should constitute verily ‘the warp and woof of daily life’, it is widely acknowledged, is something that is missing everywhere in the land.  This important task is, alas, not taken up by the educational machinery of the country, although the Constitution specifically enjoins it on every one. The task requires wholesome dedication from many a quarter – individual, Government and various socio-educational organizations at several levels. It is a pursuit that has to be continued generation after generation.


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