"The power to promote and reward, as also to demote and punish the individual and his fate in this world, lies within his mind, its thoughts and feelings. No external agency is necessary to bring this infallible fruition. As the growth and development of a seed, an embryo, or a cell designed and preserved by its own inner makeup, here too the causal forces for what one rightly deserves lurk within one’s own invisible bosom."

The Guiding force of Narayanashrama Tapovanam & Center for Inner Resources Development

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


Articles for Saadhana

Devotees_in_queues_to_enter_the_AnnakshetraOrganizing an event of this magnitude requires a great amount of human resources. Any devotee who can spare time can volunteer to join, and contact the organising committee. 

Our tradition enjoins that to offer materials or means offered for the conduct of Sreemad Bhaagavata Tattva Sameeksha Satramis as holy and benedictory as participating in it.

Annadaanam is considered as the holiest act which blesses the giver and benefits the receiver alike. We are particular that such an opportunity should be given to one and all to participate in Annadaanam and gain the inestimable grace it bestows. Following details will enable you to decide upon your choice:

How can you participate

Our tradition enjoins that to offer materials or means for the conduct of Sreemad Bhaagavata Tattva Sameeksha Satram is as holy and benedictory as participating in it.

Annadaanam, is the most holy act, gracing the giver as well as the receiver alike, one with material gain, the other with inner spiritual gain. We are particular that opportunity for one and all should be given to participate in Annadaanam and the inestimable grace it bestows. The following details will, we hope, enable you to decide upon your offering:


      for 100 people a day          Rs.10,000 (Breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner)

      for 100 people one time    Rs.  4,000  (one meal - lunch or dinner)

The devotees may also offer material offerings for the Annadanaam. The materials such as rice, jaggery and sugar for the offering are available at "Vyasa Tapovanam counter" at Satram venue.

Apart from Anna-daanam , devotees and well-wishers can also select the devotional offering from the following:

For a Day (Rs.)
Oil for lamps 1 Tin  2,000
Pooja 5,000
Flower Decoration 5,000
Ghee Lamp Lighting 5,000
Tattva Pravachanam including travel 12,000
Tattva Pravachanam (per exponent) 3,000
Light & Sound - Satrashala 30,000
Seating Facilities for devotees 10,000
Construction od Satrashala (100 sq ft) 5,000

Vishnu Sahasranaama Saarvajanika
Mahaayajna Flowers (for 100 participants)



Important Offerings

For those devotees taking part in the very rare and the most virtuous and blessed Sreemad Bhaagavata Tattva Sameeksha Satram, along with the opportunity to listen to the Bhaagavata principles, values and messages and the accompanying gain of spiritual wisdom, arrangement has been made to fulfill their wishes through offerings that please Lord Hari. Devotees who wish to make offerings of their choices are requested to obtain receipts from the the counter.

 Important Offerings  (Rs.)
Ganapati Homam 50
Sahasranaama Japam 15
Bhagavati seva 100
Sahasranaama Pushpaanjali 20
Purushasookta Pushpaanjali 20
Bhagyasookta Pushpaanjali 20
Srikrishna Pooja (special) 100
Eikamatya Sookta Pushpaaanjali 20
Pushpaanjali (Ordinary) 10

Ghee Lamp

Para filling *(Rice) 100
Para filling *(Paddy) 50
Chuttu Vilakku, Nira-maala, (Devi temple)**  3000 
Chuttu Vilakku, Nira-maala, (Shiva temple)** 3000
Chuttu Vilakku, Nira-maala, (Sri Krishna temple)** 2000
* Para - traditional measuring vessel  
** Chuttu Vilakku - lighting oil lamps around temple
Nira-maala - floral decorations in the temple

 Special Offerings
Matsyaavataaram     Ghee paayasam 50
Koormaavataaram    Tri-madhuram 10
Varaahaavataaram         Appam 20
Narasimhaavataaram     Paanakam 10
Vaamanaavataaram         Banana 10
Ramaavataaram            Milk paayasam 50
Parashuraamaavataaram     Soaked puffed rice 10

Balaramaavataaram Idichu-pizhinja paayasam
(Sweet with rice, jaggery and coconut milk)


Krishnaavataaram             Butter 20

Special Pooja at Satram     One day

Sri Krishna-avataara Mahotsavam
Special Pooja 100
Rukmini Swayamvaram   
Special Pooja 100
Swayamvara Pushpaanjali 20
 Saree blessing pooja  30
Special Laddu offering  20

Offerings may be sent by:

1.   DD payable at Thrissur / cheque / M.O in favour of:

      a)  Narayanashrama Tapovanam : Venginissery, Paralam, P.O. Ammadam, Thrissur 680563

           Telephone : 0487-2278302 / 2277963      Email :  


       b) Hind Navotthana Pratishtan : Vyasa Tapovanam, Vyasagiri, P.O. Wadakanchery, Thrissur - 680623

            Telephone : 04884-237486 / 237477      Email :


2.   Direct credit to 'Savings Bank Account' in the name of Narayanashrama Tapovanam. Details of which are as given below:

      Bank               Branch                        A/c type & #                             RTGS Code

      ICICI Bank       Thrissur                  SB 0180 0100 0727                        ICICI0000180

      AXIS Bank        Thrissur                  SB 9110 1001 0701 058                 UTIB0000046

        HDFC Bank        Thrissur                  SB 1259 145 0000023                   HDFC0001259

3.   Direct credit in the name of Hind Navotthana Pratishtan. Details of which are as given below:

      Bank                   Branch                        A/c type & #                          RTGS Code

      Federal Bank     Main Branch Thrissue    SB 10 140 100314 246              FDRL0001014


Facility of direct remittance is available to Indian residents transferring from banks within India alone.

Remittances from foreign countries can be made only through cheques/DDs. 

Those making offerings by direct remittance or cash deposit to Ashram's account through any banking channel (including ATM / Net Banking / Mobile Banking ) are requested to kindly inform the Ashram, details of the remittance, PAN, postal address with pin code and contact number by post or email.

Donations to Narayanashrama Tapovanam and Hind Navotthana Pratishtan are eligible for exemption under 80G of Indian Income Tax Act.

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