"Self-realization is meant to ensure fulfilment for one’s own self. It is not reaching somewhere or getting at something external, like going to the peak of a mountain. The attainment is in dissolving the mind and intelligence, and getting into the very core of oneself. In other words, it is like multiplying everything with zero."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

We are living on the surface of the earth, the mother planet. Our life has evolved from this planet, may be helped by the other elements of nature like water, sunlight, air and the like. But we are children of the earth. This earth is revolving on its own axis causing the twenty four hour day and it goes around the sun and to complete one circumambulation, pradakshina, it takes one year.

The New Year is actually marking the day, after the earth has completed one revolution around the sun. So the first thing is, that you should remember a lot of gratefulness and adoration to the earth and also the surrounding nature which go on revolving in their own trajectory giving us everything in life, our birth, the environments which are necessary for the survival of our life. The scope and opportunity in the form of resources held by earth, water, air, sunrays and the like. So that gratefulness should be there and also a feeling that, we are only of nature and everything is done by nature. When this kind of a feeling adorns your mind, automatically ego and possessiveness and delusion vanish.

Everything in this world is repetitive and so also are the days, the weeks, the fortnights, the months and the year. We have another calculation called Sashti samvatsara, the sixty year cycle. Everything is repetitive. So we have completed one year. That is the longest measure that we can normally think of. We have a minute, a second, the multiples of minutes constituting an hour, then the day, the night, the full day, the week, fortnight, the month, then the quarter year, the half year, the full year, the decade, like that it goes. Our calculations go up to paraardha, up to then we have calculated.

But everything proceeds from the earth’s own revolutionary course. When we have completed one year, what we should do is we should do an evaluation about our own life. Life is always interactional. You as an individual interact with the rest of the things of the world. What all constitute the rest, first - members of the family with whom you live, then those in the professional front, members in the society, then we interact with various kinds of environments and objects. In these interactions, we display a certain knowledge, worth and merit. Have we done our interactions well? Were they effective? Were they in the manner which I wanted? Was I able to do it well? Then as we interact with the others and the world, there will be impacts coming from the other side, how were the impacts? Was I able to receive them, assimilate them, get enriched by them.

The world will always be a conglomeration of the pairs of opposites and there will be good and bad, ups and downs, favour and dis-favour always. It does not matter if you are able to assimilate all kinds of impacts, that assimilation will necessarily result in an enrichment, expansion and empowerment of our inner personality. This inner enrichment is the most cardinal in human life. You cannot always direct and determine the course of events in this world.

As an individual we are subject to the society and the society’s behavior. There may be society upheavals, the one thing that has troubled all of us is the gang rape that took place in Delhi, once and even twice. How is it that a number of people join together and then decided to do this kind of a criminal act. Externally you call it a criminal and punishmental measures are clamped but I for one will not be satisfied by this, why is that the society is behaving in this manner, law comes only when a person commits a crime but what we want to think, understand and eliminate is, the possibility for criminal tendencies and moods should be eliminated or at least reduced. What have we done in the sixty five years that have passed in our country?

Do we recognize the existence of the mind, and its potential to create harm as well as good? Have we tried to deal with our children and the children’s minds? Equip them, enrich them and reinforce them with a view to think in a benevolent manner, not in a harmful manner? Is there not a value in life, should it not be implanted, instilled in the mind of the people? Unless there is a two-way approach, one is to deal with the crime when it is committed and another is to safeguard against the crime and equip the mind against it. One is educational, inspirational in the form of guidance and insistence. Another is to the erring hands and minds we approach them with a punishmental course. This punishment will act as a deterrent. So far as the criminal is concerned he will not be given any opportunity to commit crime but for the others they can see it, hear it and also fear it and there will be a deter. But the deterrent is not always the point here. We must be able to penetrate into the inner personality and equip it properly, which is the role of administration. This is one side.

So the world will always be undulating between good and the bad, right and wrong, whatever it may be, I as an individual, you as an individual you cannot always help the social situations, nevertheless you must have your own peace, your own freedom, enrichment and elevation. That is why I said the interactional impacts will have to be assimilated by you. Did you do it well? Do you know the art and science of it and did you practice it? How far did you succeed, where did you fail? In your thoughts, words, as well as deeds and interactions, have you been good, noble and benevolent? Did you harm anybody? Is the mind producing harmful thoughts more or good thoughts and noble thoughts more? I think this kind of an evaluation you must always do. Every year is supposed to be a growth and enrichment for our inner being, body is ageing but the mind is growing in its enrichment. Has it taken place?

I always speak of three important qualities, one is in your character, it is a constant coordinate with you as a trait and a tendency of your mind, inner personality. So in character we must be elegant, so characteral elegance is an important quality and enrichment. Then, in our behavior we should always be majestic, we should not be cheap, retorting unnecessarily, expressing things in an impulsive manner, try to hear, understand the others, where mistakes are there in you, admit them, beg pardon and then always behave with a majesty. I always say you tolerate the others not because of your weakness but because of your goodness if not greatness. He said something wrong, then you say something still more wrong, is there any meaning? So we must have behavioral majesty and then interactional excellence.

Your interactions must be very, very excellent. Very effective. You must be able to deal with all kinds of people as Bhagavadgeeta puts it:

सुहृन्मित्रायुदासीनमध्यस्थद्वेष्यबन्धुषु ।
साधुष्वपि च पापेषु समबुद्धिर्विशिष्यते ।।
Suhrun mitrar yudaasina, madhyastha – dveshya – bandhushu
Sadhushva api ca papeshu, sama –buddhir vishishyate

This is the best model of a man. He will have friends, non-friends, enemies, neutral people. Some people hate you, and some people are friendly to you. All these people constitute in the society in which you live. So mentally you must be able to place them and accommodate them in a very harmless manner. So the mind needs a lot of expansion. This expansion is what we are supposed to gain year after year.

So how was the year, you examine it and then “could I have improved or could I have behaved better, thought better, spoken better, interacted better, why did I not do it, what shall I do now”. In this way take stock of the whole year and find out whether you are a better person or a worse person. If you are better very good, feel happy and try to improve still. If you feel that I have not been better, feel sorry for whatever has taken place, and then compensate for it by more vigorous efforts and introspection so that the new year will be much, much better. Characterally you will be elegant, characteral elegance, behaviorally you will be more majestic, poised and benevolent, exemplarily, then interactionally, you will be more effective, no matter whether it is interaction with the members of the house, or members in the professional front or the society or interaction with different types of objects. Whenever you go, anywhere, make sure that environments are kept clean, don’t spoil the public places, don’t spoil anything at all. Try to, on the other hand, clean up if at all.

Somebody made a remark, in such an open ground in the sastra sala Swamiji, we don’t find anything lying strewn here. Everything seems to be clean. I think it is a good remark. I am happy to hear it. Every time there is a failure on our own part, we are doing the same thing over and over again and inattention may creep, some points we may miss, such missing yesterday also we had.

So we have to be always careful. I am reminded of what Krishna says mattah smritihi jnaanam apohanam ca, it is from me, memory as well as forgetfulness arises, so unless we are careful, we will forget even to place the next foot while walking. That is why many people slip. So attention is a constant need in us. I think this evaluation should be done definitely for the New Year, on your birthday, such evaluations can be more frequent, once in a month, twice, once in two months, six months like that. In smaller circles, orbits and in also larger orbits. Once we start doing it I believe every individual will make the world a better world and he will also make his own life better, more peaceful and fulfilling.

Hari Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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