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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

I think everyone is supposed to be light-hearted and cheerful. Everybody likes to be light-hearted and also cheerful. Unfortunately many are not able to do so. Maybe there are laughing and smiling societies where you become member and then people start smiling and laughing. But this smiling and laughing are necessary. It is the one item of human life which makes the man who does it, he smiles, he is also happy and others who see him also become happy.

Many people do not know that spirituality and spiritual pursuit are meant to make one light-hearted and smiling. The one advice that I have to give to everyone is - do not magnify anything in life. What do I mean by magnify? Maybe something good takes place, do not magnify it. Something bad takes place, then also do not magnify. Both are part of life. Both constitute the course of life.

So it is a flexibility of the mind that we always need, not rigidity. This flexibility will enable us to receive and accept whatever inputs come from any source whatsoever. Once you accept it, the next course will be assimilating. When you assimilate it, automatically it becomes an enrichment.

Whenever we take food, different types of food are prepared, are sought to be prepared and we take them. After taking the different types of food, what does the stomach do? What do the intestines do? They try to assimilate the food. I don’t know whether you have ever thought of what are the items we consume, in colour, in property, in taste, in contents. In every way, the food items are multiple, various. All these items are assimilated by the system. And once assimilated, absorbed, everything is converted into red hot biological blood.

Assimilation means enrichment. So far as the food is concerned, things assimilated become energy-giving blood. In the same manner, mind also when encouraged to, persuaded to, led to assimilate the inputs from the world, inputs coming from the individual, coming from the family, coming from the society, coming from nature, environments, divine agencies, all of them. Because they are already inputs which have come, what else will you do than accepting them?

So there is a sense of selection and resistance. This resistance should be done away with and a sense of acceptance should be there. By accepting them you are not at a disadvantage. Because you are only accepting mentally whatever has already come. It has already become an input. Once it is an input what can you do, there is no way of taking it away, removing it. So acceptance is a natural course.

Once you accept, automatically it becomes an assimilative process. Just like food becomes blood, inputs assimilated by the mind become enrichment. Enrichment in what manner? It is an experience, it is a knowledge, it is a very good memory. All these will stand in good stead for you.

There are memories which tell you that this memory is good, you try to make use of it and emulate it. Other memories will say it is a bad memory, try to avoid similar occurrences. In both cases, it is an enriching reminder.

So I was telling Subramanian, his wife seems to be very smiling and brilliant but he seems to be a little morose-like thing. So I am wondering, today I asked him “Why don’t you become light-hearted?” I think he should look into the mirror and then see how he looks and he will automatically start smiling. It is not nice to see a sulking face or a morose face.

And then if you try to make it a discipline or a refinement for you, you will find this itself is the sādhana for you. The mind tends to become heavy. You recognize it and then say “No. I will not become heavy. I will not become heavy.” Suppose you are already light-hearted, then encourage it. So this light-heartedness, a little cheerfulness, smile, these are very, very important. Many people do not know that spirituality makes one cheerful and light. I generally quote a verse.

Munih prasanna-gambhiro
(Srimad Bhagavatam 11.8.5)

Prasanna means cheerful. Prasanna gambhirah means he becomes profound by his cheerfulness. Prasanna gambhiro. So it is to enhance your cheerfulness, establish the sense of lightness.

See, anyway you have to face hardship in life, unfavorable or heavy inputs are there, you have to face them. Is it not better to face them with a light heart or with a heavy heart? It is here that many of the Sanskrit poems will help you. We have published a book, first book on “Verses of Introspection” compiled and commented upon by Ma. First fifty verses and they are the best friends. Years back, somebody came here from Bangalore, a couple. And before coming he said “Swamiji, you have introduced me to the best of friends. I am very happy. I would like to see you.”

I did not tell him anything. When he came here, I asked him, “Who are the friends whom I have introduced to you?” Then he was referring to two qualities about which I had written in Vicharasethu. Just see? Every verse in this book on “Verses of Introspection”, every verse is a friend. Unfortunately you don’t consider knowledge to be a friend. You want only biological things to be your friends. But knowledge is a great friend.

There is a Sanskrit verse about knowledge. Knowledge is described in various ways by the poet.

विद्या नाम नरस्य रूपमधिकं प्रच्छन्नगुप्तं धनम्
विद्या भोगकरी यशः सुखकरी विद्या गुरूणां गुरुः ।
विद्या बन्धुजनो विदेशगमने विद्या परं दैवतम्
विद्या राजसु पूज्यते न हि धनं विद्याविहीनः पशुः ॥
vidyā nama narasya rūpamadhikam prachhanna-guptam dhanam
vidyā bhogakari yaśah sukhakari vidyā guruṇām guruh |
vidyā bandhujano videśagamane vidyā param daivatam
vidyā rājasu pūjyate na hi dhanam vidyā vihīnah paśuh ||

A man devoid of knowledge is an animal, he says. And he describes knowledge in various ways. It gives you delight. It becomes a friend. It is more honored than even wealth. It delights you like a consort. So many things are mentioned about vidya. We used to be taught these things in our school classes. A few subhashitams, proverbial statements will be there as part of the education.

So this lightness of the mind, always remember. In Ashtavakra Samhita there is a verse. It says, āyāsāt sakalo duhkhī, ālasyam paramam sukham. Āyāsāt sakalo duhkhī, everyone is unhappy by effort. So he says ālasyam paramam sukham, not making an effort is the best of comfort.

Just see? In discussing the subject of spirituality in a very threadbare manner, the author erupts into this statement. He says āyāsāt sakalo duhkhī, ālasyam paramam sukham.

At another point he says even the effort for samādhi is troublesome. So don’t try even to attain samādhi. What is required is a relaxation which will go beyond even samādhi. Till you attain samādhi, it becomes the goal but once you have attained it, you have to outlive it and transcend it.

So there are so many such statements, you know? When I read a statement like āyāsāt sakalo duhkhi, ālasyam paramam sukham, why are you trying to mimic and imitate samādhi? Be relaxed! Do you take any effort for breathing? No. Our nostrils are there, lungs are there, they go on bellowing. In the same manner, our mind system, psycho-intellectual system also is such that it will receive whatever inputs come, it will assimilate them, it will make them enrichment and you carry on. You don’t have to struggle at all! Live a very free life, very light life, and do not tense your mind by any kind of an effort. Be like the breeze, the automatically blowing air, flowing river and the revolving earth. So be light-hearted, Subramaniam you particularly remember. I would like you to be smiling and light-hearted at least before you go.

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru. Jai Guru.

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