"Our body and this complex world around us is meant to reveal and display the Self variously. Spiritual seeking lies in looking for That which animates the body. Turn the mind and intelligence inward to their very Source. Let the thoughts make you search for the thinking substance, the thinker.  Only then the mystery of the Self will be unveiled."

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Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

I don’t know whether people have the habit of introspecting of one’s own life, actions and the resultant impacts. Just like we are reading books, trying to see some of the programs in the channels, you should simply sit, close your eyes and think over your own past, in a very deliberate, intentional manner. The idea is to find out what is the quality of life you have led during the past year, or past 6 months or 3 months? Was my behavior alright? Were my responses alright? Could I have done better? Why is it I am not able to do so? Is the cause within me or outside me? Were there uncontrollable situations outside as well as in me? I think this is a very good introspection that everyone should do!

On the birthday, it is a very good occasion for you to think about the whole past year. This is one habit every one of you should cultivate. We are having a shibiram, a three month shibiram, and we are reaching towards the end of it. I don’t know whether the participants have developed any new habit after coming here. One point I would like to tell everybody is – be thoughtful, be thoughtful, be thoughtful – about the work you have done, the life you have led, the desires you fostered, the resistance you showed, the reactions and responses that the mind produced from time and time – all these call for a thorough examination. This examination will reveal to you whether as a person of quality and character, you have improved, you are improving or not.

One important word I would like all of you to understand is “purity”. Whenever we say “purity”, invariably people have a dislike or repulsion towards it. On the other hand, what I would say one should have is – you should love to hear the word “purity”. Purity of substances is what we want. Purity is the right quality. Whenever you purchase any item of food or dress, what is it that you are looking for? The fabric with which the dress is made should not have any knots in between. The weaving, spinning, everything should have been alright. When you pass your fingertips anywhere on the cloth, there should not a resistance, it should be smooth.

Today I was folding my bedsheet. I found that the bedsheet was not sufficiently rectangular! Four right angles together to make – it is very very impossible almost. If a factory can make a cloth, which is a perfect rectangle, or a square, all the four angles are equally right angles; I think it has reached almost perfection.

Whenever that perfection or perfect right angle is not there, you will find that one edge is protruding. That is not purity, it is impurity. If the mind becomes pure, you will find, proportionate to the purity it will become joyous; it will become delightful; it will become very serene. Suppose you have an impure mind, that mind will be heavy and it will be a load. So why should we not like purity?

Purity in an individual, purity in a family, purity in gold, copper, stainless steel, in everything purity is the standard as well as need. When you make a coin, the coin should be such that it will not attract much of dust. It will remain clean. What kind of a shape and elevation should be given – can be thought of!

If an industry or a trade has to survive, they must have purity with them. Purity is a quality. And quality by its very nature is desirable and covetable. In the whole of spirituality and religion, one word is “purity”. The pure mind is itself God. When your mind becomes pure, you become Godly and you become God. What do you say?

So, purity is not something that you should resent, or repelled by. It is a quality that we need. A man of purity - a man may be very learned and efficient, suppose he does not have any purity; then do you think you can use him, employ him for anything? May be a little inefficient, but he must have purity.

What is meant by purity? You can think about it! Every quality proceeds from purity, and converges towards purity! When you are pure, you get strength. I may be inefficient, but I am pure. When purity is there, people have to honor it and recognize it. It is something like innocence, truthfulness, etc. A pure mind will alone be able to have 100 percent, or very near that, loyalty. Why are you not able to think of God and rely upon Him? It is because of impurity. If your reliance on God has to be wholesome and consistent, then you must have a pure mind!

We have been discussing the subject of Experiential Vedanta for so many days now, the long and short of it is that our participants should have the strength of purity, purity and purity. It is like pure milk, pure air, pure water, pure human, pure mind. I would like you to think about it. You tell me which are the circumstances in which a pure mind becomes either a load or uncomfortable? Whenever we are sending a letter, I want the letter to be positioned properly on the letterhead. Depending upon the contents, the top free space and the bottom free space should be matching, they should be proportionate. Where you put the date, where you put the number, how is “Harih Om Tat Sat” written, where do you position ultimately Antaratma, and my name and signature, what is the space between the paragraph, what is the space between the lines – all these things have to be gone into.

Our Sridhar is very particular about making letters. Generally, when they make their letters for bank etc., I don’t go through them, but sometimes I read. So when I read a letter, I found that some little mistake. He said, “Swamiji, I have gone through it so many times, but see I missed it.” And whenever you miss, you should not feel sorry, you should not get dispirited.

You polish a table, the more and more you polish it, you will find the unpolished dots will show off. Initially there will be nothing. Polish it well. Then you will find altogether 50 spots are there. Polish it further, the 50 will get reduced to 10. Polish it further. it will get reduced to 5. Then finally you will find everything is polished, 2 places it is not. So the 2 will be glaringly seen. It is not that the polish is not alright. The polish is so well done, that is why the unpolished spots show off so much. So I think I would like you to have a new insight about purity.

Have a pure mind, try to dress yourself in a pure manner. Have pure habits. I think this is what we are here for. We must be clean, we must be tidy, we must be orderly in everything and everywhere.

We are sending our letters. Our letterhead is in the parchment paper. So, when the letter is a little long, we have to use an additional sheet. That additional sheet becomes the computer paper – white color; somehow it is something like sugar and black gram joined together, put together. So, we are saying it is not right, let us have the same continuation sheet. So, yesterday I called Gopalakrishnan and told him – can we not have the same quality? What is the minimum that you want to have? Let us have a packet of 500 sheets! So, he has sent it yesterday. Why this feeling that it should be so? I think it is a quality.

I was signing it, but I was not happy, though it is white and pure. So I think a sense of proportion is very important. I would like you to become pure. You may not become honest. Honesty will not be sufficient. Pure! From purity all our things go! That purity alone will make an industry lasting, a trade viable, any kind of an undertaking – a family, an individual, a marriage, any kind of an institution.

In our ashram also, the purity is what is going to sustain us. When the number of people and inmates becomes more, we find it very difficult to maintain the purity. We are telling everybody repeatedly … repeatedly … repeatedly. Some people will pick up, some people will not pickup. What can be done? That is why verses from Bhagavad Gita :

sarvārambhā hi doea dhūmenāgnirivāvḥ || (Bhagavad Geeta 18.48)

All undertakings are associated with some evil, just like fire is associated with smoke. I chant this verse, console myself and keep quiet.

So I thought I would tell you today about what is purity, how it becomes a demand, how it becomes a quality, and how all other qualities that you can think of are around revolving around this one word called “purity”.

Try to understand it. When you understand it, you will automatically become pure and want to become more and more pure!!

Harih Om Tat Sat. Jai Guru.

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