"Self-realization is meant to ensure fulfilment for one’s own self. It is not reaching somewhere or getting at something external, like going to the peak of a mountain. The attainment is in dissolving the mind and intelligence, and getting into the very core of oneself. In other words, it is like multiplying everything with zero."

The Guiding force of Narayanashrama Tapovanam & Center for Inner Resources Development

Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha


The Ashram

Where is it located? Poojya Swamiji’s chief place of residence is the Narayanashrama Tapovanam located on the foot of the Pandavagiri hill in Venginissery, Thrissur.

Nearest Railway Station : Thrissur                                                                  Distance : 8 kms (approx.)

Nearest Airport : Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery                Distance :  42 Kms (approx.)

Thrissur is well connected with all parts of the country by road and rail. From Thrissur, the Ashram can be reached by taking the Thrissur-Kodungallur route and diverting at Palakkal Jn towards Venginissery. Private and KSRTC buses, and autorikshaws  are the widely available modes of public conveyance.

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Can I visit the ashram? How long can I stay?

Any serious seeker is encouraged to visit the Ashram after first communicating their intentions to visit via phone (0487-2278363 / 2278302) or email (). Initially the arrangements for stay will be limited to two days which may be extended or the seeker may be asked to come again later based on the guidance from Poojya Swamiji.

It is suggested that as far as possible do not combine objectives for sight-seeing etc. during the period of your ashram stay which is reserved for serious seekers.

There is no charge associated with your stay.

When can I visit?

Typically your first visit to the Ashram will be planned at a time when Poojya Swamiji is in station and no major event is being held. This is of course subject to availability of a room at such periods. Ashram reception is the best place for any inquiries in this regard.

Reservations of Accomodation (Contacts) ?

Ashram receptionist will do all things necessary to book a room for you and communicate the dates with you.

How can I reach there?

From Thrissur Railway Station

The nearest railway station is Thrissur which is 8 kms from the Ashram. Auto rickshaw or taxi are the best means to travel from Railway Station to the Ashram.

From Bus Stand

There are buses from Vaddakke Bus Station to either:

  1. Palakkil Junction (Every 10 minutes, Palakkil junction is 1 kms from the Ashram)
  2. Venginissery (1 Bus every hour, stops right outside the Ashram gates)

From Kochi International Airport

The Kochi International Airport is about 50 kms from the Ashram and easily accessible by taxis. Taxis in Kerala charge a two-way fare for any drop.

For any assistance in regards to your travel you may speak with the reception at the Ashram who may help you with a taxi or auto rickshaw booking for arrival as well as departure.

What Facilities are available at the Ashram?

Ashram provides for the following:

  1. Accomodation:
    1. Normally, on a twin sharing basis, in exceptional circumstances you may be required to share it with three or more people.
    2. In the room you will be provided a cot with a mattress and pillow. If you do not have a cover for the mattress and pillow, will be provided to you.
    3. Hot water arrangements
    4. A cupboard to store your clothes etc.
    5. One table and chair to be shared between the occupants of the room.
  2. Food : The Annakshetra at the Ashram provides:
    1. Tea / Coffee early morning at 5:45 am
    2. Breakfast at 8 am
    3. Lunch at 12 noon
    4. Tea / Coffee / Milk at 4 pm and
    5. Light dinner at 8 pm

The menu is fixed by Maa Gurupriya Ji. If you have special requirements of food please make it known while you are asking for your accomodation. Ashram may not be able to cater to all requirements. The food will be simple vegetarian meal without onion or garlic of south Indian variety, mainly rice based.

  1. Reading Room / Library

Reading room is open through-out the day and is equipped with several journals from various Ashrams. The library is open an hour each day for lending or returning books.

  1. Meditations : You can meditate at the Samadhi mandir between 6:40 am and 9 pm when other programmes are not scheduled anywhere in the Ashram. Devotees / Seekers are encouraged to participate in all Ashram activities to be best of their ability during their stay there.
  2. Clothes Washing Facilities:

Visiting devotees / seekers are expected to wash their own clothes. It is normal in the Ashram to have bath twice daily, once in the morning before entering the Anna-kshetra and in the evening before the prayers. For those who are incapacitated to wash their clothes due to ailments or age, limited washing assistance is provided by the Ashram.

  1. Medical Facilities : There are no medical facilities on-site at the Ashram. Devotees who expect medical assistance during their stay, should first check with Swamiji before requesting accomodations.

To prepare for your stay at the ashram :

Please pack enough cotton clothes, light coloured, preferably white and traditional for use during your ashram stay. You will need Toiletteries, Soap for washing clothes, one torch, water bottle and an all weather slippers. During monsoon the Ashram experiences heavy rains and clothes do not dry overnight.

Generally the tempratures are pleasant or hot, atmostphere is humid, very rarely it is cold. During November / December early in the mornings one may require a light sweater or a shawl.

What will I do / accomplish during my visit?

The first visit is one for getting acquainted, the visiting devotee is encouraged to observe instead of getting involved. Seek clarification for any questions that you may have from earlier or from that what is observed without undue reservation.

Ashram Observances

At the ashram visitors observe the following routine:

     5:45 am  : Tea / Coffe at the Annakshetra (after bathing)

     6:00 am   : Morning Prayers in the Samadhi mandir (One or more chapter from Bhagavad Gita alternately with Vishnusahasranaama the next day is chanted. Please refer to the Nityasamarpanam book – pratah-prarthana section).

     8:00 am   : Breakfast in the Annakshetra (Visitor are requested to be present at the Annakshetra 5 minutes before)

     9:30 am   : Pushpasamrpanam in the Vijnana Bhavan (attendance is essential)

     11:45 am : Bhajana-pavitrikaranam (purification of the cooked food by Poojya Swamiji)

     12 noon : Bhakti-bhojana

                         Visitors can either retire to their room in the afternoon

                         Or complete their assigned tasks in case they have been

                         alloted any Or make use of the library in this period.

       3:55 pm : Tea / Coffee at the Anna-kshetra

       6:15 pm : Evening Prayers at the Samadhi Mandir (please refer to the Nitya-samarpanam book - the “sandhya-bhajan” section).

       7:00 pm : Evening Satsang in the Vijnaana bhavan

       8:00 pm : Bhakti-bhojana

       9:30 pm : Retire to the rooms

How Can I follow-up on my visit?

Check out the section on "Staying in Touch"

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