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What is the definition of fate? is it the result of my actions OR the effect of inaction? For e.g. my friend buys an expensive car for his daughter who is only a college student. He says it is her her fate to get the car. I am confused. I would have thought that this is an action that can be controlled by the mind?

my humble prostrations


Poojya Swamiji's answer:

Dear and blessed SR :

When something happens, be it exceedingly favourable or unfavourable, people have a tendency to term it as fate. This is one way of reconciling with it, despite their own mind’s response. But before something occurs, none calls it fate. Fate is a psychological coordinate, by dint of which people are able to take in and adjust to many things.

Every one’s fortune or misfortune will naturally affect the children. May be the girl in question has a resourceful father. He feels like sharing it kindly with the daughter. He does so. May be he cannot describe it well in the right language. Hence he uses fate, as a convenient note or expediency.

However, as we have a biological heredity governing our body, we also have a kind and measure of psycho-intellectual inheritance. That, to begin with, determines our predilections. While physical inheritance is unalterable, our freedom to shape inner features is more and decisive. A vicious mind can be made virtuous, and vice versa. Bodily level gives no freedom, except the scope to nourish it and through exercises make it healthy and viable.

Inner level gives abundant scope and option. The child of an alcoholic may claim himself also to be one alike. He can as well say that seeing the danger of alcoholism in my father, I have resolved not to be one like him. Both examples are there in the world.

Think further and connect matters. The son of a rich father will be equally rich. Of the poor, will likewise be poor, at least to begin with. It is like a musician’s child becomes musically inclined. But other branches of knowledge can also be mastered by the child.

The freedom is the best when you transcend the mind, intelligence and ego. In the Soul level, we are free, absolutely, in full.

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