"Thought is the most potent and creative power in the world. It initially takes shape in an individual mind. When shared with others, any benevolent thought starts growing as a vibrant process encompassing more and more people. It is such collective benevolent thoughts that build up great cultural values and treasure in the society."

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I am blessed to have read your books and listen to your talks. I am beginning to realize that this world is as unreal like dream, that I am the never-changing witness to all this.

However, when I start focusing the mind on the self, I see emptiness. I do not have anything to hold on to.  So the mind easily slips to other thoughts.

Kindly guide me as to how I can see the one single Self in this illusory multitude of the world. I do not have anybody else to seek advise from.

Answer by Poojya Swamiji

The entire dream is created solely by the mind.  In dream you have gross as well as subtle things. The entire pancha-bhootas, with which the visible world is made, are displayed by the mind alone inside during dream. This tells us of the creative potential of the mind. Understand this well, with discretion.

Regarding the so-called emptiness you say you encounter, I wonder whether to laugh or I feel sorry.

Dear SH, thoughts, feelings, emotions, knowledge, doubt, enquiries and findings – all these spring from the mind. It is the mind that shows and experiences different colours, the gross objects of the world, the different forms of energy.

If mind is the one from which all these emerge, can it be empty? Water is colourfree or colourless. That is why it is able to dissolve and reflect all colours. Simply because the water has no colour, can you say it is nothing? Similarly the tongue which gives you all the tastes, cannot be a nothing. The word emptiness should not be used at all with reference to the mind, at any time.  Instead of calling it empty, say it is wonderful, the amazing source from which all world phenomena manifest.

Dear son, it is something like this: the solid earth, fluid water, gaseous air and  different kinds of energy like fire, all are evolved from endless space. The endless space apparently is devoid of all qualities and  traits applicable to objects.

Does it mean that space is ‘nothing’? Or that alone has all the power and potential to produce all the other 4 bhootaas!  Likewise,  the consciousness in you is the source of your body, its evolution, your mind, its plural offshoots, intelligence, its evolutes, ego and its domination.

Being the source of everything, it has to be different from all. To be different from all does not mean to be nothing. But it has to be that thing from which all other things come. Can you not think in this manner and understand that the source of ‘all’ will be different from ‘all’.

It is exactly like the sleep which you experience. The consciousness inside wakes you up and suddenly you sense the body and the world. The same consciousness withdraws wakefulness and lies coiled up in sleep. In sleep, you are going to the “I” freed from the body, mind, intelligence and the world. And that “I” is what wakes up and causes wakeful display, brings dream display, and wakes up again. So will you describe the “I” as nothing? Or the source of wakefulness, dream and sleep and hence of the entire creation?

Dear Son, think in these lines, channelize and focus your thinking and let me know how you fare.

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