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Poojya Swamiji,

how powerful are thoughts?what determines death of an individual, is it only his own karma?


Dear and blessed Anupama Kumar:

Harih Om Tat Sat. Your e-mail of 29th Sep. is before me, and I am reading it again.

Thoughts are an expression of the mind. Every thought is an off-shoot from the mind source or mind-substance. In human life, mind is the architect of fate. Thoughts are the creator of everything. The people who are retarded or autistic, live, but are not able to formulate their thoughts and develop the process of understanding. They only remain a biologically grown person and the knowledge part, the mind, intelligence and ego part, are not developing in them.

The result is that they do not become a proper human. Real humanhood is something that follows the thought process in one. Thoughts are, no doubt, very powerful. But they can be harmful as well as helpful, benevolent, benign and benedictory. Our discretion and obligation lie in making them the latter.

So far as death is concerned, understand, like birth, death is also a biological outcome or event. From the bodies of our parents, children bodies came up. If the parental bodies did not conceive and deliver, there would be no children at all. If today, all people decide not to marry, or not to have children, I think the human society will become extinct. We are destroying the human society by powerful weapons. We have already done it earlier.

Unknowingly also, we are cutting across the life of the planet. Understand that the United States is said to be having so much of nuclear weapons, that even one-fourth or less of the stock, when exploded, the whole earth will be pulverized.

When such an event takes place, how many will die? So the cause of death can be anything! In wars and allied competitions, the cause of death is the human will, which aspires to fight and conquer.

Otherwise as we grow in age, death will be the last transition in our body. While old people die as a rule, very rarely, the exception of the younger dying also is there. We have to look into the whole world and accept all its complexities, plights and fates.

The subject can be further explained, but let me stop for the time being. You are free to write to me again.

Love and ashirvaad. Ma and Nutan Swamiji send you loving good wishes.



Swami Bhoomananda Tirtha

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