"In acquiring material wealth all are not equally blessed. But in gaining mental and spiritual wealth, every one has an equal chance. Beginning from character and disciplines and ending with supreme kindness and goodness, the wealth of the mind is displayed in abundance before all. The question is only who wants, and, to which measure !"

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“There is a widespread misunderstanding that spiritual study and practice are ‘other-worldly’, and necessary only at the end of our life. But, in truth the purpose of spirituality is to grow with the right knowledge about the world as well as about ourselves, so that we can live a life of freedom and fulfillment.”  

“Religion depends on the faith in some kind of a God or the Creator of the Universe. Spirituality begins when we start questioning our faith, our concept of God.

“As the truths of the objective sciences – e.g. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, etc. – do not depend on the racial or religious identity of the student, so too are the impersonal truths of spirituality or Vedanta. They are the record of the discoveries of Subjective experiments conducted by the Seers over thousands of years. Like the objects of material sciences, here the object of analysis is our own personality. As the constituents of human personality are the same everywhere, the truths enshrined in Vedanta are also universal.”

“The goal of spirituality is to make us master of the world, by making us master of our own mind and intelligence.”

“We think we are enjoying the sense objects. But, each day we become more and more slave to the objects and the objective situations. Spirituality redeems us from this slavery, enables us to embrace any world situation with poise and unaffectedness.”

“Most people think of spirituality as rejection of the world. In truth, spirituality means accepting the world wholesomely.” 

“As the knowledge of Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics does not depend on one’s national, ethnic or religious identity, so too is the knowledge of our Real Identity as revealed in the Upanishads.” 

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NSJi-NoBGSwami Nirviseshananda Tirtha, fondly known as ‘Nutan Swamiji’, has been deeply spiritual right from childhood. At 24, he was initiated into the pursuit of Brahmavidya by Baba Gangadhara Paramahamsa. In 1987, he renounced professional life and dedicated himself to the service of Poojya Swamiji in all aspects of his mission.

Scientific quest and Spiritual pursuit have been complementary in Swami Nirviseshananda Tirtha’s life. His exposition of Upanishads and Bhagavadgeeta excels in clarity and experiential profundity. Nutan Swamiji’s deep and powerful chanting of Sanskrit shlokas touches the core of the listeners’ heart.

Nutan Swamiji regularly conducts discourses and classes on Upanishads & Bhagavadgeeta in India, USA and Malaysia.

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